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Recently, custom embroidery trend is one of the most preferred style for embroidery being used all across the world. The basic embroidery designing using mainstream floral or geographical patterns is no more in fashion. Now people have moved towards custom embroidery digitizing and want detailed graphic designs in the form of embroidery. The beauty of embroidery digitizing lies in its ability to replicate every illustration into the embroidery form on a variety of clothing including jackets, t-shirts, caps, handbags, gloves, jerseys, and shorts! If you own a company you can get your logo digitized on a product to form a merchandise. Our custom embroidery services are reliable and of highest quality in the UK. All we need, is the custom design you want embroidered and then we will provide you with premium results!

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What is custom embroidery?

The process or skill through which the digital form of an artwork is converted into a stitched form on a piece of cloth is known as custom embroidery digitizing. It is basically the conversion of digital file into embroidery design using professional digitizing software. The file has to be in the readable format by the software for it to give the output in stitched form. The entire procedure looks quite simple when in reality it is quite technical. Not everyone can perform efficient custom embroidery digitising, as it requires expert embroidery digitisers to perform the task neatly and without errors.

Even though a software is used for the results, there is still a lot of human input required; both mentally and physically. Whereas the automation involved is quite low and the digitizer is usually putting in a great amount of efforts into the work. His main task is to specify the density of stitches along with its type, the way they will go through a variety of elements, details of the underlay, and several other relevant details.

Uses of custom embroidery digitization

There are a lot of uses of custom embroidery designing in digitized form and has a vast scope. It might not be much useful for the general masses, but it is highly relevant for the people concerned with it on personal, commercial, or professional purpose.

  • Individuals often use it for their personal interest or to promote a specific brand which could be their business too. In that case, they get the logo custom embroidered on a shirt, hat, jacket, or any other such thing.
  • Non-profit organizations mostly require custom embroidery digitising at the time of any event in order to create awareness among the public. Even if they get the tagline or image embroidered on a t-shirt and distribute it among the volunteers. A huge number of people will come across the campaign when anyone would wear that shirt.
  • Companies use embroidery digitization for their merchandise. Similarly, teams also get their merchandise made on jerseys or t-shirts with the help of embroidery digitization.
  • Luxury brands use the embroidery form for trademark purposes for example, the logo on the towels.

Some of the most placed orders that we get at Masters Digitizing are for

  • Gloves Digitizing
  • Cap Digitizing
  • Jacket Back Digitizing
  • Logo Digitizing
  • Left Chest Digitizing
  • Puff Digitizing
  • Sleeves Digitizing
  • Towel Digitizing

If you are looking for an affordable company for custom embroidery, you have found the answer. We are the right solution to your concerns. Just provide us with the details for custom embroidery designs so that our experienced digitizers can work on them perfectly!

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